Bike Brains

One of the key features of the vehicle among safety and fun will be its brains. That means its ability to collect use and display information in a useful manner. There will be sensors all over the bike collecting information about the batteries, wheels, surrounds and more. This information will be sent to the helmet display wirelessly. The processor in the helmet then determines what is immediately important and displays that to the rider. Other collected information is available upon request. The type of sensors we would need varies.

Priority information is data such as speed and any warnings that require the rider’s attention.

I need to look to see if there is some open source software that is available that I can use for testing purposes. Later, we will build our own software for the vehicle.

We should also build an app that can be used in a pinch if the helmet is damaged, lost or stolen. A temporary substitute, but helpful in a pinch.

More on the software later.


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