Intermediate Steps

Obviously, we aren’t going to go from zero to SuperCycle in one step. We aren’t even going to go from drawings to SuperCycle in one step. There will many steps forward and some steps backward during this process. Once we have spelled out our requirements for the vehicle (meaning our best guess at first), then we will have to gets Sketch Up drawings and then engineering drawings. Finally we can try to physically build what our drawings indicate. However, since we don’t have much engineering talent on this team yet, perhaps we can add a couple of steps to the process. Yes, it may delay the timeline but I think it will be worth it.

I am suggesting adding intermediate steps to test out our theories and see if they work in small scale experiences before we ramp up and go full scale and all in. For example our alternative air bag/safety system. We can also use small scale testing to determine how to reduce vibrations for our sensors or capture vibration energy to power them. This is a conservative way to move forward, but I think it increases the likelihood of success so it is the path that makes sense to me. I will make a list of the intermediate steps that I think we should hit before launching full scale.


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