One Helmet Controls it All

If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan (and you should be!), then you’ll appreciate the title of this post 😉 You might wonder though, what it has to do with the Supercycle. Basically, it is the hub of information coming from and to the bike.


Obviously, this will be a smart bike with processors located throughout the bike collecting information. This information is constantly collected by the helmet using wireless technology and put together in an easy to view and digest format. Some information such as speed, directions, etc is presented by default others can be asked for verbally or viewed in the app on a smartphone. A lot of the information is not something riders need to be concerned about but will be collected to note the performance and health of the vehicle. We have to come up with an idea to stabilize the processors from vibration which could hurt performance.

Bike control features

The helmet will also be a convenient way to do things such as change preferences from the views (mirrors) to lock/unlock to anything else related to how the vehicle is performing. The voice or the app will be the primary mechanisms to change preferences.

You might think what is being described is too futuristic or not possible but let me tell you: It is possible and proof of concept has already been done (by someone else).

While this particular company ended up failing, it wasn’t the technology but rather the poor managers. We can take what they’ve built and do better. The plan is to include one helmet in the price of the vehicle with extra helmets costing extra.

Exciting stuff. More later.


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