The Future is Now or Maybe Later for Self Balancing Two Wheel Vehicles

Self balancing vehicles are entering a golden age of sorts. While sales are yet to materialize, entrants are showing up anticipating that people will want to purchase such a vehicle. They may not be wrong having seen an embarrassing fall or two on YouTube.

Even the Chinese are getting in on the game, though by copying Lit Motors:

Chinese copycat could beat Lit Motors to market with first self-balancing 2-wheel electric vehicle

Here’s a self balancing two wheeler from Honda:

Even robot hobbyists are getting in on the act:

The bottom line is that while a lot of people are in the space, nobody has it figured out yet as evidenced by the lack of sales. We can sit back like Apple while the first companies through the door get bloodied and then step in with a better product learning from early mistakes by competitors. Better late than bloodied I say!



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