So we have some idea of the requirements for the bike. What goes into a traditional motorcycle ? Below is a list of parts necessary for a motorcycle to be legal. I tried to highlight in italics things that we won’t need 🙂 Am I missing anything?

  1. Air Cleaner
  2. Battery
  3. Choke
  4. Clutch Lever
  5. Crankcase Cover
  6. Crash Bar
  7. Cylinder
  8. Cylinder Head
  9. Engine Stop Switch (KILL)
  10. Foot Pegs
  11. Front Brake Lever
  12. Front Disc Brakes
  13. Front Master Cylinder
  14. Front Suspension
  15. Fuel Petcock Valve
  16. Gas Cap
  17. Gas Tank
  18. Gear Shift
  19. Headlight Switch
  20. Highway Peg
  21. Horn
  22. Horn Button
  23. Ignition Switch
  24. Left Side Mirror
  25. Muffler
  26. Oil Filter
  27. Oil Tank
  28. Passenger Back Rest
  29. Passenger Pegs
  30. Pillion or Passenger Seat
  31. Primary Chain Cover
  32. Rear Disc Brakes
  33. Rear Foot Brake Pedal
  34. Rear Master Cylinder
  35. Right Side Mirror
  36. Rocker Box
  37. Seat
  38. Shock Absorber
  39. Side Stand
  40. Spark Plug
  41. Speedometer
  42. Starter Switch
  43. Tachometer
  44. Tail Light
  45. Throttle
  46. Turn Signal
  47. Turn Signal Switch
  48. Warning Lights/Neutral Light
  49. Windshield

The above list of course does not include the engine or the frame, both of which will be required in varying degrees on the Super Cycle. I plan on digesting this list as I begin to assemble a parts list general only, not specific, for the Super Cycle. I still need various versions of the vehicle drawn in Sketchup and then CAD before a specific parts list can be determined. We are a long way from that!



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