When going for innovation such as the SuperCycle, one needs to make tradeoffs. I’ve realized that this is not a vehicle for everyone and in fact, certainly at the beginning, production volumes will be low. A certain amount of education will be necessary for buyers.

What kinds of tradeoffs am I talking about? Well, right off the bat, I know the vehicle will not be anywhere near as nimble as other 2 wheeled vehicles. It won’t corner as well, its top speed will be less and off road will not be a possibility. That being said, it will be far more nimble than cars or suvs.

Additionally, it will be heavier than typical motorcycles. Of course, that will be offset by the self balancing feature.

Relying on the helmet and seating position of the riders will require some compromises that not all will be willing to make.

Some people will put off by the fact that there is no roar to the engine.

Anyway, we can’t try to please everyone. We just have to produce a revolutionary product that appeals to the right kinds of people at first and then try to expand the market once people see what it can do. Hopefully, they will see how the benefits outweigh any compromises.



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