Sketchbook First Attempt

Seriously, it can’t get worse, right? I told you I’m not a drawer. Save the peanut gallery. Deep under the crappy drawing though, the pieces of what I imagined lie. So let’s go through them.

The large front tire. Why? It will serve to protect the rider from the wind, etc. Its size will also allow the positioning of cameras and other gizmos that will provide information to the rider.

The thin seating frame provides plenty of room for batteries and other necessities of the bike. One of those necessities are the movable panels below the seating area which at the tap of a button, will move up from below and lock into place to provide a canopy for the rider(s). This provides protection from poor riding conditions. This means the riding position will change from motorcycle to car like seated position. There needs to be plenty of ground clearance for those panels which sit below the seat.

When I think futuristic two wheelers, I always think hub less so that’s the way I have the tires drawn up. The frame juts a little bit into each tire and that is where the electric motors will be stored.

The motorcycle looks long, because I plan it to be around 90 inches long. This is comparable to chopper motorcycles.

It’s hard to convey other features beyond that, but that’s my first attempt. It can only get better from here, right?






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