Sketchbook Fail

I have failed. I meant to have a rudimentary drawing in Sketchbook of the motorcycle that I could share, but things have gotten in the way including my own fear. First, I am finishing an eBook that I am trying to put up for sale. The link for the blog if you are interested, is here That has eaten up most of my time recently. Additionally, as I hinted at it above, there is a little bit of fear since I have no artistic ability. It is easy to procrastinate when I am concerned about looking foolish.

My apologies! I will get back on this and face my fears even if it is only a little bit at a time. That might mean only the frame first or just a wheel or something. Keep your expectations low. Haha!

“One step at a time will help us complete the longest of journeys”

Learning Sketchbook this week.



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