How Matters

We’ve covered how and why. The only key question is the how. Not being an engineer and development experience being minimal the answers are obviously not developed. These will be generalities.

As far as the helmet speaking to the bike, offering video (from all directions), alerts, etc. Proof of concept has been done by someone else using Android. That helmet was able to do more than half of what I want for the super cycle. Keep in mind that not using mirrors (to reduce drag) will require a waiver from the department of transportation. Also, we must consider how to stabilize the video; either at the filming source or using software.

Self-Balancing is already proven by Lit Motors (among others) so we can piggyback on already existing research.

We want to use bigger tires but having custom tires made is expensive. one possible solution is to try existing tires for bigger vehicles like trucks. They may not work, but trying the cheaper route first seems smart to me.

one part that will be tricky is putting processors on the bike frame in a way they will be able to report useful data. The vibration could be problematic.

Let’s also consider what material the frame should be built out of. Carbon fiber would be nice but way expensive. What are alternatives?

I also want to include airbags or the equivalent at various locations on the frame to keep my word about a dramatically safer bike.

If we go ahead and use electric as the engine, location of the batteries is always a concern. Currently, I plan on layering them low on the frame to keep the bike anchored. In the end, there’s not than many options with this little frame.

Finally, I wanted to have a changeable shape so that sometimes the rider can be in the open air riding while other times the vehicle can shape shift into a more closed vehicle, for example during poor weather. The necessity of a roll cage is important here.

That’s the how so far. Some roads are clear while others, not so much. Bit by bit though, we’ll get it all worked out. Just thinking about it makes me excited to see this bad boy!

Did I miss anything? I’m sure I did. Let me know.

Here’s the Amazon product for today:

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