The Why of the Matter

So the previous post title had what, why and how. Interestingly, I only addressed the what. I will change the title to better reflect what’s going on. Here I will address the why.

So, where did this idea come from. Well, sometimes, as in this case, my good idea came from some else’s bad idea. In this case, I watched a presentation from a company called Lit Motors. They were building a two wheeled vehicle which self-balanced and protected the rider inside some sort of bubble against rain and accidents. It was supposed to sell for $20,000 or so. I was super excited. I watched the whole presentation and the build up was tremendous. Finally, they rolled out the vehicle (see image below) and my heart sank.


I hope you can see the problem. While it might accomplish one goal of potentially expanding the market for two wheeled transportation for example by women, it would never pass muster with most men. This is taking the experience of a motorcycle and sissifying it to the extreme and asking $20,000 for the privilege. It’s less safe than a car, it doesn’t save any money, has less space. I guess it’s easier to park on the plus side.

So, when I saw this I could immediately see all the problems with this vehicle. I started compiling all the things that I would want as a motorcycle rider in a futuristic two wheeled transportation vehicle. I knew that if you were gonna ask men (and it will mostly be men buying) to spend $20,000+ on a motorcycle it better look cool. It would need to make a statement when you arrived. While the C1 in the image above makes a statement, it doesn’t say anything good about the man who steps out of that. I also knew that I wanted a vehicle that could offer the flexibility of having two different vehicles within one. What do I mean by that? The vehicle should be able to transform from covered (full safety) to uncovered (medium safety) at the rider’s preference. Sometimes, you just have to have the wind on your face, you know šŸ™‚

I looked at the list and closed my eyes and imagined what this vehicle would look like with all the attributes on my list. It was awesome. I wanted it. I knew some day I would have to try to build it.

While self-driving cars and trucks are coming, there will always be a need for men to own their own aggressive vehicle such as this to travel not for a purpose, but simply for mere pleasure of leaving their life behind and enjoying outdoors, even if only for a little while before dinner.

Motorcycles have changed only at the margin nowadays. Even electric motorcycles look like their gas cousins. We need a motorcycle that screams the future and the one I’ve described is it.

The how is next and expect plenty of generalities. I’m not an engineer though I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express recently šŸ™‚


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