The What

I am going to use this blog to document my research into building what I call a super cycle. This is not a super fast sport bike or some monster Harley but something that’s never been seen before. Hopefully the thinking behind it can redefine what we think of as “motorcycles”/two wheeled transportation.

So what are the criteria I look to have in the super cycle?

  • self balancing/self tilting
  • Cruise control
  • Adaptive awareness
  • “brains” meaning processors are on the bike taking in information constantly and reporting it as necessary to the rider
  • flexibility; it should be able to transform (I will define this better later but for now I am keeping that close to the vest)
  • big spokeless tires with a narrow middle/seating area
  • Unparalleled safety mechanisms that make it the safest two wheeled transportation in the world
  • Modern, clean design
  • Cost of $30,000 or less
  • Electric or gas right now

Most of this is not revolutionary, but to put it into one vehicle with a futuristic design and our own customization would be revolutionary. of course there will be tradeoffs, but we have to find the right mix of features to attract the consumer. Will we fail trying this? Probably, but life is short so why not, right? Stayed tuned for more….




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